Participant Liability

April 18, 2018

GameDay Insurance is proud to offer a niche Liability coverage to sport related risks, but how does this coverage differ from the regular Commercial General Liability coverage?

One of the largest differences between a traditional CGL and the Sport-Specific CGL offered by GameDay is the inclusion of Participant to Participant Liability. This coverage is best demonstrated through example, so read on!

Two players on the same baseball team decide to dive for a fly ball in the outfield. Since this isn’t the Major Leagues, they unfortunately crash into each other, resulting in a concussion for one player and a chipped tooth for the other.

With the traditional CGL policy, there is no coverage for bodily injury sustained by participants in this scenario. If the players were feeling litigious, their only recourse would be to launch a personal lawsuit against the other player for the injury.

However, under the GameDay CGL policy, there is coverage for bodily injuries sustained by players (or coaches, or volunteers). Players can make a claim against the policy if they feel there was negligence on the part of the organization. Extreme examples of this would include failure to train participants properly, or to provide a safe area for play.

Talking about this important differentiator with clients is just one way to sell the Sport CGL. Stay tuned to the blog for more!